Merry Christmas to Craig and Layna!!!

The holiday season is a time for gift giving and generosity. This year as a gift to Craig and Layna we decided to do just that.

Child Saving Institute provides a safe haven and healing for thousands of innocent young victims of family crisis, neglect, and abuse. They offer the vital services necessary to make at-risk children safe and fractured families whole. “Responding to the cry of a child,” the institute provides shelter for up to 12 children at a time.

With the help of the staff and drivers we were able to raise the funds needed to provide every child the gifts they each had written on their Christmas wish lists. Not only every gift on their wish list but also; many other needs that the shelter requires to make the kids feel at home.

We are proud to provide to these 12 kids in Layna and Craig’s honor. With the amount raised; they amazingly matched the same amount and we were able to get every need the shelter requested on their list as well. Coats, clothes, sheets, and so much more!!!

We delivered the items off on Wednesday December 21st. The looks on their faces was pure heart warming. We cannot wait for them to enjoy everything on Christmas morning- when they could have otherwise potentially not had a Christmas at all.

Merry Christmas Craig and Layna! Thank you for being wonderful amazing people to work for!


Your Beer family!